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Fabrica de Zahar Bod is one of the four sugar factories in the country, the only company of its kind with Romanian capital, having the largest subordinated area of sugar beet cultivation . Sugar beet is the main agricultural crop in Brasov counties , Covasna and Harghita , the only agricultural activity and constant efficiency with reliable results . It is worth mentioning that 80 % of the agricultural culture of Brasov and Covasna is on sugar beet and potatoes so that the rural population in these areas depends largely on the production of the two crops. Fabrica de Zahar Bod sustain sugar beet cultivation also in surrounding counties respectively in Sibiu and Alba .

Over 780 large farms plus 1200 small farms are involved in agriculture in sugar beet , providing raw material for this annual production . According to AJOFM Brasov , these farms support a number of about 17,000 employees who have a stable job due to the company . This data reveals the importance of the factory in the economic and social development of these counties .

Due to the refurbishment process , Fabrica de Zahar Bod is ranked among the top 30 in the European Union on sugar beet processing efficiency with a total of approximately 320 permanent employees.

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